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why not后面加什么

Why not: (+动词原型):为何不.(用来提建议.) 例句与用法 1. The key question is in focus; why not reach a decision? 主要问题已非常明显,为何不作出结论呢? 2. Must you dash off? Why not stay for a cup of tea? 你一定要急急忙忙走吗

why not后加动原后面那两个加doing,介词后加doing

why not 后接动词原形.

why not 后面加动词原型,如:why not go to the park? why don't 后和观点一致 动词原形 都加动词的原形.不过 what/how about

why not 后边加 动词原形 do 的形式why not = why don't you = what about = how about = let's表建议做某事时,why not ,why don't you, let's 后面要接 do 动词原形的形式; what about ,how about 后面要接 doing 动名词的形式.

why not后面加动词原形

Why not: (+动词原型)意思是:为何不.(用来提建议.) why not +do ;比如:1. Why not take a bus?为何不乘坐公交车呢?2. Why not go out and see if there's some place we can dance? 为什么不出去看看是否有我们可以跳舞的地方?

why not do sth.加ing的话句子里就没动词了,不完整

why not do sth. ?为何不做某事?consider 1.考虑(+V-ing)/sth(plan等)2.认为 consider sb/sth to beconsider sb/sth as(as后可以跟n,pron,v-ing,adj等,as还可以省略)consider it +adj/n+that-clause(it是形式宾语,that从句才是真正的宾语)

后接动词原形【严格一点讲,是接不带to的动词不定式】 Why not go for a walk? 何不去散散步呢? 你的采纳我的动力 很高兴能够帮助你

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