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practice doing sth 固定用


practise 后面加什么词practise后动词的ing形式,即后面跟动名词,比如: she usually practices playing the piano every day.

to do

practices[prktisiz], exercise[英][eks,saiz ] uses[ju:ziz]以ce,se,ze, (d)ge等结尾的词 加 -s 读 /iz/ 一般情况 加 -s 1.清辅音后读/s/; map-maps 2.浊辅音和元音后读 /z/; bag-bags car-cars 以s,sh,ch,x 等结尾的词 加 -es 读 /iz/ bus-buses watch-watches 以ce,se,ze, (d)ge等结尾的词 加 -s 读 /iz/ license-licenses 以辅音字母+y 变y 为i 结尾的词 再加es 读 /z/ baby---babies

dancing practice接动名词 to see will be 将来时态 lives 现在时态 is lying 进行时

及物动词 vt.1.声称, 断言 They claim to have discovered a cure for the disease.他们声称已经发现了治疗此病的一种药物.He claimed himself to be engineer.他声称自己是工程师.2.(灾难等)使失踪或死亡 The flood claimed hundreds of lives.

意思是:练习 实践 后面跟动名词 practice doing sth

你好!adhere to to是介词 to后边加名词性质的事物才可以 doing sth/sth 名词 代词 doing sth都可以 仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.

she often practices singing in the morning. practice doing sth 练习做某事

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