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BEnEFiCiAl 用法

be beneficial for 对有好处;对于传统的be good for,这个短语在层次上更高一层,因此更适合用于雅思,托福等写作中. 例如:1)exercising regularly and eating reasonably is beneficial for your health.定期锻炼并合理饮食对你的健康有好处

只能用for的情况 be beneficial for somebody to do sth 其他的for/to sb/sth 随便用,都是没错的 不过to是标准搭配 例句 i think it would be beneficial for each committee member to have a copy of the report.some alternative treatments may prove highly

physically beneficial 对身体有益/有好处用法:be + physically beneficial + to例:A good sleep is physically beneficial to help you restore strength. 良好的睡眠对恢复体力有益.

beneficial adj 有益的; 有用的; 有好处的a drug that has a beneficial effect on the immune system~ (to sth/sb)Fresh air is beneficial to one's health

造句: 1 this so-called emotional convergence seems to be beneficial to friendships and romantic relationships, making them stronger and longer lasting. 这种所谓的情感交汇对友谊和爱情来说是大有益处的,有益于增进感情和使之天长地久.

beneficial是有益的,有好处的.这种词组用法不能死记硬背,要从语法上考虑.to之后的单词是动词时是不定式,多作修饰成分,如something to eat等,to本身是介词,后应接名词性的词.表示“对”、“向”等,如I say something

是固定搭配be beneficial to sb.对某人是有利.有beneficial for,可以用beneficial for sb to do sth.


beneficial 英[benfl] 美[bnfl] adj. 有利的,有益的;[法]可享受利益的 [例句]The overall effect is beneficial.这种效果好似有益的.

两种结构都可用.接 to do sth 表示做某事是有益的,接 to doing sth 表示对做某事或 某事是有益的.

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