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I am writing to congratulate you on your promote in your work. Of course, it is your hard work and your wisdom that have made you succeed. You are always positive and aggressive. And you have designed so many perfect projects. So you

I feel very lucky that i have been promoted to a new position .Here, i will appreciate my boss can give me this chance to let me have a better development and future .when boss gave me this chance ,i realised that he also give me a challenge.For



例子:Dearest Sarah,First of all please accept our heartfelt congratulations on your promotion. Your hard work has finally paid off. In the past year you were very disheartened.

As we all know, the most important resource is our people, whose loss would cause tremendous losses, including the cost of recruiting and training new employees took over as dominant, as well as psychological effects such as panic leaving

祝贺升职为主治医生Congrates on promotion to attending doctor!

i had a very happy weekend.on sunday,all the students got together at 8 in the morning at the school gate.we were going to ride bicycles to our destination.it took us about 30 minutes to reach there.after we arrived,we played a lot of games.we also

About helping friends celebrate promotions 重点词汇释义 庆祝 celebrate; celebration; felicitate; fete; jubilation 升职 promotion; promote

为晋升表示祝贺范文: Dear-- I offer my warmest congratulations on your promotion to Vice President of the company. I know how talented you are and how hard you've worked to attain this goal. No one could have been more deserving. How

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