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英语,翻译句子,用含to的句子来造句。The flight that day happened to be cancelled.Mr. Li ought to come back for the big conference.

attach to英语造句带翻译attach to 1.fasten or join(one thing to another);be part of粘上;贴上;附属于 Please attach the sample to the

用too…to造句并翻译?He is too young to go to school.他太小了以至于不能读书。

用take。。。to。。(带。。去)造句两条,连翻译I take my brother to go to school.我带我弟弟去上学 Our teacher takes us to the playground.我们的老师带我们去操场。~~~

用too…to造句并翻译水太脏了鱼不能在里面生活?水太脏了,鱼不能在里面生活。The water is too dirty for the fish to live in.望采纳

用be going to造句,带翻译。 要十个We are going to visit Yu Garden. 我们将要去游览豫园。It is going to rain soon.(看天色,肯定很快要下雨的意思。)I am going to

用have to造句并翻译?你好,很高兴为你解答:1.I enumerate the work that will have to be done.我列举了必须得做的一些工作。2.I have to go,

用fromto造句 翻译 希望好点So the ship was from China to Sweden. It is amazing! I cannot believe China and Sweden were trading with each other

用too。。。to和so。。。that造句,,,带翻译He is too young to go to school(太……而不能)转折关系 =he is so young that he can't go to school.(太……

用adjust to 怎么造句,带翻译.- I won't adjust to new learning environment- 我不能适应新的学习环境

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