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volunteer [vln't(r)] n. 志愿者

Wanted for volunteer

Dear sir/madam:Hello,my name is Li Hua.I am 15 years old.I would like to be a volunteer.I am good at English.I have a lot of hobbies,such as reading books,singing,playing the piano and so on.I usually deal with children,so I am good at talking.I want

Dear Sir, I am Li Ming, a student from Class Five, Grade Nine. I want to join your volunteer group this winter vacation. I'd like to visit the nursing home on Sundays and sing for the people there. I am a caring boy with an interest in music, so it would

Volunteers Wanted Since we will hold the 16th Asian Games, 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, we want to recruit some volunteers to serve for the games. The applicants must be age of 18 or above, and in good health. Fluent in oral English.

On Volunteering 1.越来越多的人从事志愿工作 2.志愿工作对需要帮助的人和社会都有利,对志愿者本身也有好处 3.我认为…… The volunteering spirit has spread among the Chinese people in recent years, especially among young people.

Dear Sir,My name is Li Hua.I'm a 17-year-old girl from Class 3 Grade 2.I would like to become a volunteer for the visiting American students.I think I'm proper for the volunteer.My Engl

i want to be a volunteer of beijing olympic games. i realized the time flies.i must study english very hard. because english is very useful and it is very important. and to be a volunteer of the olympic games is good for myself too.i can make some friends


A volunteer Vera is a middle school student and also a volunteer in the Sunshine Club at school. She wants to do some things to help the people in her town. I think she may help the kids in troub

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