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1. low-priced2. a bargain price; moderate prices; popular prices

on sale

便宜:1.inexpensive2.conveniency3.cheapness4.come low Examples:1.现在的禽肉 卖得便宜going cheap使…便宜cheapen.便宜的价格a low price便宜的午餐a frugal

怜悯:mercy 抽出:spare 麻烦的:troublesome 否认:deny 便宜,廉价的:cheap

inexpensive英[nkspensv]美[nkspnsv]adj.廉; 不贵的,便宜的; 贱网络便宜的; 价格公道的; 廉价的

There are many things on sale有许多东西都在廉价出售on sale 廉价出售, 介词短语做后置定语,修饰things当然,也可以把句子这样写,方便你理解.There are many things (that are ) on sale. 括号内的可以省略若有疑问及时追问,满意敬请采纳,O(∩_∩)O谢谢~~

sell off Thus they have been forced to sell off land use rights to balance their budgets.因此,他们不得不将土地使用权廉价出售,以实现预算平衡.

easily-shed tears 这个比较直译,还有一个意译,可以理解成不值得流泪:it's not worthy to cry.

廉价出售英文:[经] disposed of at a low valuation; sell at a bargain; undersell; distress selling have saleThat shop has chairs on offer at 10 dollars. 那家商店里有椅子廉价出售,每把十美元.

简单点说是:cheap and good 趋向于口语化 书面语是:inexpensive in price while excellent in quality 更严肃专业.

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