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me hello,everybody!my name`s kevin bill.i am a 15-year-old boy and i am from china.my favorite movie are rush hour and mr.bean.do you know them?i think they are exciting action movie and interesting comedy .my english teacher is a

introduce 是动词 introduction是名词

introduce [,ntr'dju:s] vt.介绍, 引见

自我介绍 : self-introduction | self-introduce | introduce myself

1.to introduce 2.an introduction

describe 动词形式description名词形式描述

描述的英语单词: describe

Hello,my name is Zheng jiaoyang.My English name is Sun Shine .I am 11 years old.I am a girl.My favorite sport is swim,run and go hiking.Because it is very interesting.I am good at,too.My favorite colour is green.Because it is very beautiful.I have

introduce 上面的是动词,introduction这是名词

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