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l feel very lonely.

'我很孤独的英语可以是 I am very lonely.


孤独 solitude、寂寞 loneliness

你好、最佳答案:i feel lonely,also very lonesome.望采纳、谢谢你的支持、祝福你永远永远幸福、开心每一天 ∩_∩

When I'm sad, I always feel lonely.如果有帮到您请及时采纳~谢谢

您好!很高兴为您解答!翻译为:feel lonely望采纳!您的采纳是我回答的动力!

Even introverts know what loneliness feels like. There is a key difference between being alone and feeling lonely. “Alone” is a state of being by oneself without others around, and can actually be a healthy phenomenon. Everyone needs a little

他们常常感到孤独They often feel lonely

Lonely孤独 解释:表示一个人,没有人陪伴,孤单,寂寞的意思. 我就是孤独的人.

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