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欣赏美景 appreciate for the (beautiful可要可不要) scenery enjoy the fine view enjoy the landscape 供参

scenery landscape viewn.风景, 景色

scenery [简明英汉词典]n.风景, 景色beautiful scenery 美丽的风景

Singapore, or the Lion City, is at the crossroads of Asia. Its mix of Chinese, Indian, and Malay cultures, spiced with Western influences, creates a wonderful blend and this small country celebrates the uniqueness of each in its own special way.

Guilin Scenery with Hills and Waters(桂林山水) 桂林是世界著名的风景游览城市,地势北高南低,海拔140~600米,为石灰岩岩溶地区.商周时代,这里即与中原有密切关系.秦汉时,是中原与岭南的重要通道.在漫长的岁月里,桂林的奇山

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Guilin is in the north of Guangxi. The population in the city of Guilin is more than six hundred thousand. There are famous and beautiful sceneries in Guilin. If you come to Guilin, you will know how clear the water is and how green the hills are. Every

风景照片 [简明汉英词典]scenic

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