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我喜欢夏天.在夏天,天气是非常热和晴朗的,我可以穿背心和短裙,我也能吃冰激凌,我还可以在海里游泳,那是多么美好的事啊!I love summer. In summer, the weather is very hot and sunny, I can wear my vest and skirt, and I can eat ice

Winter is the fourth season of the year. Now, the weather is getting colder and colder. It means winter is coming.I think winter is a white season. In winter, it often snows and everything becomes white. Every winter, children are the happiest because

winter is my favourive season,you know?the weather in winter is very cold,and even rain hard and snow,some animals sleep all the winter ,such as snakes,tree leaves have been fell down by the strong wind .i thing the winter is the most beautiful

I like winter I like winte, It's windy and clod. Because I can skate and make a snowman. I wear sweater and jacket which season do you like best 我喜欢冬天 我喜欢冬天,它是冷的和凉爽因为我可以溜冰和堆雪人,我可 以穿毛衣和夹克你最喜欢什么季节

In China, there are four seasons in a year, spring, summer, autumn and winter. Summer is hot and winter is cold. Spring and autumn are comfortable. Spring lasts from March to May. Summers goes from June to August. From September to

It is cold and dry outside.The wind often blows strongly.The days are shorter and the nights are longer.Many animals go to sleep.They will sleep for a long time till the spring comes.People don't like to go outside.They have to wear heavy coats,

winter is coming .i feel very happy.so i go out with my friends to play snow.有15个了吧冬天到来了,我感到很开心,所以我跟朋友一起出去玩雪

winter holiday is coming in a few days,i hope i spend my time to do something useful.so,i have a plan for my winter holiday.first,i am going to fly to beijing,as we know,beijing is the capital of china,it's famous for the great wall,forbidden city,bird's nest,

Now it is winter.The snowflakes are dancing in the air.Everything is snow-white.That is so beauty!The weather is coid,but my heart is very warm.Beacause today is Chrismas-Holiday!My home is very lively now.Children are singing and dancing,adults are talking happily.It's so nice!

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