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round about

if. ,..

school show about a quarter past sixbe tiredfamous musicianbest wishesgo to bed / go to sleeplike to listen to himhave science lessonsarrive at home / get homemusic makes people relaxing


1.抓紧时间做某事 look snappy to do sth lose no time in doing make it snappy to do snap it off 2.在.的映衬下(指风景) with. 白色的山峰在蓝天的映衬下煞是好看. The white peak contrasts finely with the blue sky. 3.坐了大约三小时的车,我们来到了 It tooks us about 3 hours to get/arrive We arrive after 3 hours by bus.

但是这些是日常用语的水平.不知道国内八级的水平是不是要用莎士比亚里说法,晕倒先.有一次不寻常的经历 ususual experience 大约在10点钟 at about 10 o'clock跟着某人做某事/去某地 follow sb to do sth/to some place 对……感到惊讶 be surperised+that在树上 on/in the tree朝……喊叫 shout at 在火车站 at the train station逃跑 flee away沿着……走 walk along/go along纽约市 New York City对……说 talk to飞往纽约的航班 flight to New York


12.喜欢.胜过12.More than love..13.绕地球13 around the earth14.确信,务必14 sure,sure15.给某人发送信息15 send sb a message16.在相隔大约22800000千米的地方16 at a distance of about 22800000 kilometers17.相当于.的三分之一的强度Equivalent to 17.1/3 strength..18.在其余时间里18 in the remaining time19.无论天气好坏19 whether the weather is good or bad20.在任何时候20 at any time

This factory is known for its good wine civilization.They spent about 50 thousand buying a new car.Tom left without saying goodbye to us.Thank you for your lovely flowers.This is not cheap but with good quality.Even if we can afford the trip, we still wound not go to Japan for traveling.

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