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Travel A succession of beautiful scenery makes one feel delighted. A long stay in the same surroundings to make everything the same. Routine work often makes one feel bored But if you take a trip or a long journey on your holidays to some scenic

如果旅游时碰到了老外, 可以对他说“How do you do?"(你好) “Where are you from?"(你来自哪里?) “Nice to see you!"(很高兴见到你)

一、问路时常用的方位词 east东、south南、west西、north北、left左、right右、straighton往前直去、there那儿、front前方、back后方、side侧旁、before之前、after之后、first left/right第一个转左/右的路 二、请问如何前往…… excuse me,how do

Hello\how are you ?|where are you from ?\what a beautiful view !\

Is there any vacant rooms? 有空房间吗?Excuse me, I want you to tell me the way to .. 我想知道去..怎么走.where is ? 直接问在哪里 How can I get to.. 我怎么可以去到地方呢?where is the nearest hotel? 最近的旅店在哪里?how much? 多少钱

As for this essay, I want the person who likes travel to read. And, I also want the person who yearns to the solitary journey to read. I like travel very much. I often go to travel. It meets a lot of people when traveling. It can touch not only the person but

1 I want a package deal including airfare and hotel.我需要一个成套服务,包括机票和住宿2 I'd like to change this ticket to the first class.我想把这张票换成头等车.3 I'd like to reserve a sleeper to Chicago.我要预订去芝加哥的卧铺.4 I won't

I want to change some U.S. dollars.我要换一些美元.You may pass.你可以通行了.What do you have in this bag?在这个袋内,有什么东西.You can't take that __ as carry-on luggage.你随身行李不可以带那个 _____ .You can go to anywhere

描写游玩西湖景点的作文 I have been to many interesting places in Yiwu,but I have not been to many other parts of China yet.Last month I went to the West Lake with my family by bus.After three hours we got to Hangzhou.Then we took a taxi to the

一、问路时……East 东South 南West 西North 北Left 左Right 右Straight on 往 前 直 去There 那 儿Front 前 方Back 后 方Side 侧 旁Before 之 前After 之 后First left/right 第 一 个 转 左 / 右 的 路二、请问如

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