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Protection environment everybody has a responsibility

protect the environment, everyone's duty

everyone should protect the envirenment

In modern society, we tend to become more and more aware of our living environment or physical environment, because we is not clean as before. So many people now choose their house as to its environment but not its location and expenses to

The protection of the environment is everyone's responsibility!(标题) Taking good care of our environment is very important.Wherever you live,You can do something around your neighbourhood. it's our duty to keep our environment clean and

Protecting the environment, is everyone's responsibility!Everyone's responsibility to protect the environment.

everyone have the responsbility to protect the environment

protection of the environment is everyone's responsibility保护环境人人有责!

您好,翻译为 protect the environment everyone has tidy希望能够帮助你

Protecting our environment is everyone's business

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